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Slot racing spel 012

slot racing spel 012

Mission Racing, megabus - Mega Ride, uphill Rush.
3/7/09: Spirit SxXx long can RPM online gambling statistik yahoo answers and torque tested.
Artin "yellow endbell" (FC-130) tested 24,600 RPM/12v.Favorite this project 0, love this project.Avant Slot Endurance "yellow" (FK-180) 17,838 RPM/12v 22,000 RPM/14.8v,.2/28/09: Boxer 2 RPM and wattage revision.5/21/09: Pioneer motors added.Navigeren door de verraderlijk terrein van een druk kantoor in deze gekke race game!Watts.1 Watts, or,.1/746.012.To distinguish similar types, the color of the motor case, label, or endbell is listed in"s, for example, "red endbell".Important variables affecting performance are commutator timing, magnet strength, and armature end play or alignment within the magnetic field.5W/12vFly "black endbell" (FC-130) tested 21,450-21,753 RPM/12v tested 71-85 gcm/12v,.9-4.6W/12vFly F1 (FF-050) tested 19,475-19,623 RPM/12v.
12/13/09: Avant Slot motors updated according to Avant Slot catalog.
Avant Slot Master "light green" (FK-180) 20,270 RPM/12v 25,000 RPM/14.8v,.
Tested torque is in red.
Artin "white endbell" (FC-130) more common version tested 13,100 RPM/12v.
Turbo, spatiebalk - Jump.
Motors are tested for RPM and torque turning clockwise (CW) looking forward at the motor as if it were in an inline car, unless noted counter-clockwise (CCW).
7/27/09: Mainline Hobbies Rush 36k (new version) RPM and torque tested.Spel controles: Pijltjestoetsen om te rijden,.Tested means at least one sample was tested for RPM at the listed voltage, under no load, with this tachometer: m/tachometers/CDT-1000HD, the tach reads the RPM by shining a red light on a spinning disc on the motor shaft.Avant Slot Hercules "pink" (FC-130) 21,892 RPM/12v 27,000 RPM/14.8v,.Spelen Desktop Racing spel nu!8/13/09: BWA NC1-spec standard can RPM and torque tested.The formula used is: (Max RPM/2 max torque/2 100,000 Watts, or, stated in words, "The product of half the max torque times half the max RPM, divided by 100,000, yields max power, in Watts." To convert Watts to Horsepower, divide Watts by 746 (746 Watts.11/20/09: H R Racing Lightning RPM tested.Visit this page to update Flash.We're having trouble displaying this Scratch project.3/8/09: Spirit LeMans long can RPM and torque tested.Tested 20,745 RPM/12v, tested 329 gcm/12v, tested.1W/12v Spirit LeMans (FK-180) 19,459 RPM/12v 24,00 RPM/14.8v, tested 20,926 RPM/12v, tested 280 gcm/12v, tested.6W/12v SRP 1092 (FC-130) 16,000 RPM/12v, tested 16,954-17,137 RPM/12v tested 119-126 gcm/12v, tested.1-5.3W SRP 1090 (FF-050) 16,000 RPM/12v, tested 15,320-15,760 RPM/12v tested.Same armature as Pro Speed.