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Now Joy and Sadness must make their way back to the center of Rileys life and restore her personality before her life completely falls apart.
Its also got more than its fair share of cool action and while it cant really outdo the Brotherhood/manga material in that department, theres still plenty enough to make it pretty solid on that front, and its the near perfect combination of all these elements.Well first and foremost its in the fact that its extremely honest about what.Shes forced to join the club and also serves as a host for the girls, while the rest of the club tries to conceal her actual gender.Ive heard pretty nothing about good things about it, and its been long held up by anime fandom as a beloved classic, but between the weird things Ive heard about the Fox Kids dub, and the lack of a convenient means to watch it,.Whats particularly of note though, is that compared to other versions, the Autobots here kind of feel like actual war veterans, having each suffered through some form of loss, and carrying some kind of baggage.This is largely addressed here in the form of introducing a rebel Galra cell working against the empire, which helps to add some much needed shades of grey to the overall conflict, while giving the second season a slightly heavier tone than the first.
You win this round Tatami Galaxy.
While it cant quite compare to other high-profile Studio bones productions, and especially Brotherhood, its still an incredibly polished looking series, and despite being an early digipaint series, the show still holds up well visually and the upscale for the Blu Rays is solid.
Interestingly this show is one of the few instances of a Funimation dub using japanese honorifics and they blend in well for the most part, though the script being so literal occasionally leads to a few jokes being lost in translation though not enough.
I was kind of worried that the dub might end up sounding a bit too modern given how a lot of Funimations recent dubs have turned out, but everything from the performances to the script meshes perfectly with the shows atmosphere, and it definitely feels.Thankfully Funis recent re-release and subsequent streaming of the show finally gave me an excuse to sit down and watch it, and it turned out to be quite an interesting experience.Although while its obviously way too early in the shows run for that to actually go as planned, it manages to throw in a few good curve-balls (especially regarding the fate of a certain character and the season finale is about as wonderfully climatic.This bit of self-awareness isnt exactly unique, but it does give the series a bit of an edge, and its a stance I wouldnt mind seeing hur att spela blackjack i kasinot händer toy shows take more often.Overall:.6/10 Available for streaming on Netflix Synopsis : Alchemy is the science of analyzing, deconstructing and reconstructing matter and the Alchemists who use it follow the principle of Equivalent Exchange: that in order to obtain something of equal value must be lost.Funimations dub for the series on the other hand is a solid effort, as normally expected of their work in those days.